EUROMAP 79 describes the interface between injection moulding machines (IMM) and robots for data exchange.

The Release Candidate has been published on 8 November 2021.

The target of OPC 40079 is to provide a unique interface for IMM and robots from different manufacturers to ensure compatibility.

The first version covers these functionalities:

  • Machine is OPC UA client and can optionally be an OPC UA server
  • Robot is OPC UA server and can optionally be an OPC UA client
  • Realtime exchange of signals via PubSub to prevent mechanical collisions
  • Position signals from the IMM: 1 mould, 2 ejectors, 10 cores and 1 additional axis
  • Enabling signals from the robot to the IMM to enable/disable movements of the IMM depending on the robot position
  • Multiple pub sub connections are possible
  • Part tracking
  • Signals from the IMM representing the availability of parts in each mould
  • Signals from the robot on inserting and removing of parts
  • Exchange of production datasets between machine and robot
  • Exchange of basic part quality data from IMM to the Robot


Please find below the specification and model files of the Release Candidate 1.00.00 which is identical to OPC 40079 (Release Candidate 1.00.00) and VDMA 40079:2022-01.

Comments are requested by e-mail to by March 1st, 2022.



Dr. Harald Weber
Director Technical Commission