Online platform for the development of EUROMAP-OPC UA interfaces for plastics and rubber machinery

EUROMAP provides technical recommendations for plastics and rubber machines. In addition to standards for machine descriptions, dimensions and energy measurement, interfaces between machines feature prominently. The provision of manufacturer independent interfaces ensures high levels of machine compatibility.

From hardware plug-in connectors to OPC UA

With machines and processes becoming increasingly complex, existing hardware interfaces are now reaching their limits. Software based interfaces provide far more scope in terms of functionality and flexibility. This is why EUROMAP started to develop new interfaces on the basis of OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA). This platform independent interoperability standard ensures the secure and reliable exchange of data in the field of industrial automation in a number of industries.

Online platform

The work of the EUROMAP members is coordinated by an online platform:

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EUROMAP is the European umbrella association of the plastics and rubber machinery industry which accounts for annual sales of around 13.5 billion euro and a 40 per cent share of worldwide production. Almost 75 per cent of its European output is shipped to worldwide destinations. With global exports of 10.0 billion euro, EUROMAP's around 1,000 machinery manufacturers are market leaders with nearly half of all machines sold being supplied by EUROMAP members.

Contact - Technical Commission - EUROMAP

EUROMAP, c/o VDMA, Plastics and Rubber Machinery, Lyoner Str. 18, 60528 Frankfurt, Germany,